About Juices N' Berries

What is Juices N Berries?

Juices N Berries, apart of The Growth Guru’s Healthy Hair Lifestyle Collection, is a luxury line of hair products designed to infuse hydration therapy in every strand of "THIRSTY" hair, no matter the type! Juices N Berries Hydrating Hair Therapy aspires to empower you with a comprehensive set of products that fulfills essential healthy hair needs and provides lush moisture for optimal hair growth and length retention. 

Juices N' Berries Philosophy

Juices N Berries Hair Care believes that every curl, kink, coil, and wave is inherently unique and entitled to the utmost hydration & nourishment. Textured stands are beautiful in their organic-state, and simply need the time, love and hydration that they deserve to cultivate healthy hair and promote overall health & growth.

Juices N' Berries Mission

We want to meet you where you are in your healthy hair journey and provide you with at-home hydration hair therapy that nourishes the scalp and follicle, and facilitates an environment for optimal hair and growth.